These mats are designed for competition, championships and archery tournaments which take place outdoor. They are made according to size specification set by the World Archery Federation – external measurements, height, tilt angle etc. Mats were accepted and tested during the greatest World Archery Youth Championships in Legnica.


This kind of mat was created in order to meet the needs of our individual clients. Today everybody can choose an external size of the mat which ranges from 60 x 60 to 100 x 100cm.
It’s structure allows for easy and convenient portability. It may be transported in the boot of a car or on a back seat.
An innovative and convenient fastening system utilizes webbing hand grips for fast and easy setup in any desired place.


Considering the limited space in a busy and bustling sport halls during Indoor Archery Championships, we decided to design a special kind of archery target mat.
We aim to provide clubs with the latest design solutions starting from diligent project execution through the thorough material selection to the particular care and aesthetic final product manufacture.
We can guarantee that the real value of our products as well as the expected benefits from the introduction of these mats correspond with their prices.


Nowadays, the importance of the product shape is acquiring substantial significance. That is why our companys intentions are to create mats which can easily stand out in a competitive market. The final shape of our products is a result of many years experience and cooperation with a group of archery specialists, trainers and competitors who noticed that the round target mat is not only distinctive, but it is also portable and easy to roll.
The goal of our company is to produce stand-out mats of the highest global standard.



Stand Premium


Stand Amator


Numbers with flags:
Numbers are made of light aluminum alloy with polyethylene composite filling, which is usually put on aluminum tubes.
The material is not only damp and waterproof, but it is also high temperature resistant which enable the product user to expose it to very harsh weather conditions. Moreover, in case of getting shot through, it doesn’t damage or destroy the arrow.

We offer a vast array of the archery equipment, including mat covers. This kind of protection secures the mat in transport as well as in a warehouse after the archery season is finished.
Our covers are made of three layers of technical fabric weighting 140g/sq m. The fabric consists of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) coated on both sides with low density polyethylene (LDPE).
In terms of its combustibility, the fabric was tested in the Science and Research Centre for Fire Protection, where it was recognized as a flame resistant fabric.
Moreover, the product has a hygiene certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw.

HMA supports



hma-targets-are-selling-on-the-british-marketHMA targets are selling on the British market.                
new-product-designed-for-archery-kyudo New product designed for archery "Kyudo", we are during testing, but has already appeared in the first positive comments about...



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